Inspection Division

Fire Codes

The Seagoville Fire Department has adopted the 2018 International Fire Codes with Amendments. 


Often times, prevention is the key to stopping the spread of fire and decreasing the severity of an incident. Firefighters are happy to assist you with requests for in-home advice about your smoke detectors, fire alarms, or any other questions you might have.


Seagoville Fire Department has three Fire Inspectors on duty. Inspectors review the plans for new construction and inspect new buildings in Seagoville. Should you have any questions about the fire code, plan reviews, or inspections, please don't hesitate to call the fire station Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 4:00 pm at 972-287-3330.

Terry Worcester
Lt. Terry Worcester
C Shift
Matt England
Lt. Matt England
A Shift
Frank Garcia
Lt. Frank Garcia
B Shift