Campaign Finance Reports

Filing Schedule (Report Type):

  • Due 15th day after CTA (Officeholder Only)
  • Due 30th day before Election Date
  • Due 8th day before Election Date
  • Due 8th day before Runoff Election Date
  • Exceeded Modified Reporting Limit ($940)
  • A Final Report may be filed at any time after the Election
  • If a Final Report is not filed, Semi-Annual Reports will be due each year on:
    • January 15
    • July 15

Modified Reporting

Candidates who do not intend to accept more than $940 in political contributions or expend more than $940 in political expenditures may elect to report under the modified reporting schedule.

  • Candidates reporting under the modified schedule are not required to file pre-election reports (due 30 days and eight days before an election) or runoff reports.
  • The selection of modified reporting still requires you to file Semi-Annual Reports (July 15 and January 15). 
  • If you select modified reporting, you need to file a Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Finance Report – Designation of Final Report to be relieved of reporting obligations after the election.