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Needs List for Shelter

* Gallon jugs of bleach, regular only - for cleaning
* Rubbing Alcohol - cleaning and other things
* Ziploc bags - for food and other things
* Anti-bacterial hand gel - to prevent spread of illnesses
* Paper towels - cleaning
* Oatmeal-based dog and puppy shampoo and flea and tick shampoo for dogs and puppies
* Dawn Dish Soap - cleaning

* Disinfecting wipes
* Towels, Comforters and Quilts - each dog gets a blanket
* Sharpie markers - self explanatory
* Animal wire folding crates/carriers - transportation, various sizes from 24" to 42"
* 42-gallon Contractor Trash Bags

* Plastic folding table (2x4, 2x6 or 2x8) - for adoption stations

* Plastic folding chairs - for adoption stations

* Leashes - all sizes

* Metal choke collars - all sizes

* Stainless Steel dog bowls
* Cat beds - for cat cages
* Crate pads - for wire folding crates at adoption events
* Gift cards for Office Depot, Office Max, Petsmart, Petco
* HP901 (black and color) and HP96/97 (black/color) Ink Cartridges - for printers at shelter and adoption events
* Disposable powder-free latex gloves (medium, large, extra large) - for medical procedures on animals and cleaning
* Commercial wet/dry vacuum
* Sponges, pot scrubbers, dish towels, bottle brushes - cleaning at the shelter
* Digital camera that uses SD cards - for taking photos of our animals at the shelter and adoption events 

* To purchase and donate a cat/dog bed and send it directly to the shelter, go to: http://kuranda.com/donate/7191.

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