City of Seagoville Official Newspaper

The City of Seagoville’s Official Newspaper is the Daily Commercial Record. All City of Seagoville legal notices are published in the Daily Commercial Record in accordance with Texas law. 

The newspaper may be accessed a variety of ways.  Print copies of the publication are available in the Seagoville Public Library.

You may also subscribe to a print or online subscription on  the Daily Commercial Record website: Daily Commercial Record.

For a newspaper to qualify to be considered the municipality's “official” newspaper, the following criteria must be met:

  • Devote not less than 25% of its total column lineage to general interest items;
  • Be published at least once each week;
  • Be entered as 2nd class postal matter in the county where published; and
  • Have been published regularly and continuous for at least 12 months before the governmental entity or representative publishes notice. Tex. Gov’t Code § 2051.044