Solid Waste


The primary mission of the Solid Waste Division is to ensure all Seagoville residents and commercial customers receive effective services. The Solid Waste Division works comprehensively with Frontier Waste Solution to ensure reliable trash removal. This teamwork concept between Frontier Waste Services and the City of Seagoville ensures that every customer receives quality managed waste removal.

If you have any questions or problems with your trash or bulk service, please call City of Seagoville Customer Service at 972.287.2050. OR you can contact directly with Frontier at 888.854.2905

Trash Removal

The City of Seagoville's solid waste collection days are Monday through Friday. Please see the schedule and calendar to determine the zone your residence is in and which day solid waste or bulk items are collected in your neighborhood. Trash, Recycle and Brush and Bulk are schedule the same day for your convinience.

Please download Frontier app to get more information.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure the best service possible:

  • Frontier Waste will provide each residence a green cart for refuse and a blue cart with yellow lid for recycling.
  • If you wish to use additional blue refuse carts, you may order them by calling 972-287-2050. There is a minimal monthly charge for each additional cart.
  • PROPER CART PLACEMENT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. Please roll your cart within 2 feet of the edge of the street by 7:00 am. Make sure the handles are facing your house, so that when the cart is lifted, the lid opens toward the street. Please check to see that it is not obstructed by parked cars, boats, etc. Also please be sure to place the cart at least three feet way from any other carts placed at the curb for collection. 
  • Your cart must be at the curb by 7:00 am on designated pick-up days, or you may set your cart out the night before.
  • All trash must be bagged, and placed inside the provided green refuse cart.
  • Yard waste, tree trimmings, and branches must fit inside the green refuse cart. If you have more than can fit inside the cart, prepare it for the bulk item pickup. Brush should be four feet or less in length, with branches no more than three inches in diameter, weighing less than 40 pounds, and in a neatly stacked pile.
  • Bulk collections are same day as the trash and recycle day
  • The City of Seagoville participates in a Hazardous Household Chemical Waste disposal program with Dallas County. This service is free to Seagoville residents. For details follow this link: Dallas County Hazardous Household Waste


What types of items do you pick up?

The following is a list of items that can be placed in your trash bin:

  • Diapers
  • Disposable razors
  • Cactus and palm branches
  • Cat litter and pet feces
  • Glassware and ceramic dishes/cups
  • Hoses and wire
  • Juice boxes/pouches
  • Non-fluorescent light bulbs
  • Sheet glass (windows, mirrors, etc.)
  • Foam cups or packing materials.
  • Treated wood (painted, stained, etc.)
  • Empty-dry paint cans (no liquid in can)


What items will Frontier not pick up?

The following is a list of hazardous household items that should NOT be placed into your garbage bins.

  • Batteries
  • Prescription & medications
  • Paint & paint cans (with liquid)
  • Electronics
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Used motor oil and filters.
  • Car and truck tires


When do our bins need to be outside for pickup?

  • We ask that you place your trash bins curbside by or before 6 am of your scheduled trash pickup.


When do the garbage trucks run in my area?

  • Every customer has a different collection schedule according to their location and type of service requested. You can easily check your collections schedule through the Frontier App or by typing your address into the App on our website.


How do I know if an item is recyclable?

  • The basic list of recyclable items includes Cardboard, Paper, Bottles, and Cans. Do your best to make sure these items are clean and dry for collection. Do not bag recyclables in plastic bags. Plastic Bags will cause contamination and may result in rejection at the Recycling Facility.


How much Bulk and Brush do you pick up?

  • Bulk and brush are picked up weekly on the regular trash pick up schedule. Allowable set out amounts for weekly collection is 3 total yards. 

What can I do if I have more than 3 yards of Brush?

  • If there is more than 3 yards of BRUSH, please contact Collin Parks at or 972-287-6836 to be enlisted on the pick-up list. Brush pick-up is scheduled each Wednesday and the address should be registered with the city for pick up.