Master Plan


The expanding business and residential community of Seagoville, coupled with its location near Dallas, contributes to Seagoville’s continuing growth. Seagoville’s population increase creates a growing need within the community for quality City parks and services. This need is seen in the demand for new and expanded park facilities, recreation programs, and open space areas.


The purpose of this Master Plan is to develop a comprehensive plan for the park system, which addresses the entire jurisdiction of the City of Seagoville. The plan addresses present and future parks, recreation facilities, and open space needs covering a minimum time of five years to a maximum of 10 years.

This document outlines the methods, results, and recommendations of the Master Plan and is intended to be used as a guide for future park, recreation, and open space development within the City of Seagoville throughout the early part of the 21st century.

Goals & Objectives

The City of Seagoville completed a Comprehensive Plan in 2002. The Parks and Open Space Master Plan is intended to give more focus on issues identified in the Comprehensive Master Plan, and help to provide a detailed analysis of Seagoville’s park and open space issues, as well as other detailed information such as needs analysis, and park and facility standards.

The goals of the plan are to: 
  • Provide the framework for orderly and consistent planning and development of the park system 
  • Provide detailed research and facts concerning the community and the roles of parks and recreation 
  • Establish priorities and statements of direction based on facts and a needs analysis 
  • Provide direction in the area of acquisition and development of park land to meet future needs 
  • Develop a plan consistent with the requirements of Texas Recreation and Parks Account Program