Payments, Deposits, & Fees

Payment Terms

Current charges are due and payable by the due date shown on the bill. If not paid by the due date, a 10% penalty is added and water service is subject to termination 7 business days from the original due date. For example, bills due on the tenth of the month will be turned off anytime after seven business days, without further notice if not paid. Payments must be posted to the account to avoid termination.

Water Deposits

  • Residential
    • Renters: $100 (Must receive a Certificate of Occupancy from Code Enforcement and present a copy of lease)
    • Homeowners: $60 (must show proof of ownership)
  • Commercial deposits are based on the size of the meter
Deposit plus a $25 service charge is required before your water meter will be turned on. An adult must be present when water is turned on.


  • $50 Reconnect fee (after being turned off for non-payment)
  • $30 Returned check fee
  • $15 Meter re-reads at customer request (no charge if incorrectly read)
  • $100 Meter accuracy check
  • $250 Meter tampering fee (only authorized city personnel are allowed in meter box)