Stormwater Management

Stormwater pollution from point sources and non-point sources is a challenging water quality problem. Unlike pollution from industry or sewage treatment facilities, which is caused by a discrete number of sources, stormwater pollution is caused by the daily activities of people everywhere.

Rainwater runs off streets, lawns, farms, and construction and industrial sites and picks up fertilizers, dirt, pesticides, oil, and grease, and many other pollutants on the way to our rivers, lakes, and coastal waters. Stormwater runoff is the most common cause of water pollution. Because stormwater pollution is caused by so many different activities, traditional regulatory controls will only go so far.

Citizens should be aware that an illicit discharge is an addition or introduction of any pollutant, or any other substance whatsoever into the municipal stormwater system. This includes but is not limited to, household hazardous waste, used motor vehicle fluids, and collected quantities of grass clippings, leaf litter, and animal waste.

Education and outreach are key components to any successful stormwater program. With your help, we can make a difference. If you have comments, questions or concerns regarding Stormwater, please Contact Us.

Citizens may report dumping or illicit discharges into the stormwater system by using the City of Seagoville Service Request Portal. Follow this link to access the Service Request Portal.