Shop Environmentally

Buy Products in the Largest Size You Can Use; Avoid Excess Packaging

$0.10 of every shopping dollar is used to pay for packaging. Small-sized products use more packaging for each ounce of product than larger sizes. Citizens can save money, reduce waste, and help the environment by buying products in the largest size they can use.
  • Buy juice in concentrates and use reusable containers instead of single-serving packages.
  • Buy cereal and yogurt in large containers instead of individual servings.
  • Save money by buying bottled water in large plastic jugs instead of individual bottles.
  • Buy large packages of sugar and flour.

Buy Product in Containers That You Will Be Able to Recycle

  • It is important to familiarize yourself with what types of containers and items can be recycled in your local program.
  • Once you know what you can recycle, look for products that come in containers they you know you will be able to recycle when the product is used up.
  • Most newspapers in Texas are printed on recycled content newsprint. Contact TNRCC at 512-239-3100 to learn how much recycled material is used in your newspaper.
  • Avoid non-recyclable items like foam containers and waxed juice cartons.

Buy Reusable & Long-Lasting Items

Products that can be reused are cheaper in the long run than those you throw away and buy over and over again. Good products that are designed to last a long time are also cheaper in the long run than those that wear out quickly.
  • Use rechargeable batteries in toys, flashlights, and radios instead of disposable.
  • Use cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers.
  • Switch to cloth napkins, sponges, and cloth towels or wipes.
  • Use plastic grocery bags to line waste baskets and invest in reusable grocery bags.
  • Use a washable commuter mug for your morning coffee and eliminate using a styrofoam or plastic cup every day.